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Life in the Art Room

We are already off to an exciting year with Carden students in the art room. I promised my students a safe and nurturing environment where they could make mistakes and learn from them. I've witnessed students create solutions to problems rather than regurgitate rote answers. I've watched them struggle with tough concepts and we've celebrated the mastery. Please allow me to share with you my amazement so far!


I was amazed how Lower Prep students sketched ballet dancers then painted one in the style of the French artist Edgar Degas. I was impressed how Middle Prep's little hands mixed oil pastel colors to highlight Alfredo Ramos Martinez subsequent representation of daily life. I was proud of Upper Prep Students' keen observation of plants and flowers, after which they created marvelous paintings inspired by the German artist Albrecht Durer. I was touched by A Form's "My Dream" project then their growing drawing skills while learning about the American Artist Mary Cassatt. B Form’s belief in Flower Power helped them put together a unique collage portrait followed by drawing children playing on musical instruments. C Form students displayed maturity in writing the word "Silence" in different languages around their portraits and recently showed interest in discovering the majesty of colors in nature while drawing landscapes. D Form students learned about one of the most fascinating men of all times, Leonardo da Vinci.  They are, with great pride, reproducing "The Mona Lisa,” "The Last Supper," and "Lady with an Ermine." Those are big titles, but our students are very capable and met the task.

Some E Form students thought that painting a self portrait was a mission impossible. I encouraged them to be finicky and particular to reach a final satisfaction. Now they are working on Still Life while using soft pastel. They had an introduction about the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer who produced only three paintings a year because he was so meticulous about his work.

Carden Memorial School provides professional and sophisticated art materials in order to facilitate the process of leaning different art skills. For that, I've designed a strong curricular goals that all students, and not just the most talented ones, will reach by the end of this academic year.  Studies has proven that involvement in the arts is associated with gains in math, reading, cognitive ability, critical thinking, and verbal skill. Arts learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence and teamwork.

“Logic will get you from A to B.  Imagination will take you everywhere.”

–Albert Einstein

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