FAQs for Prospective Parents

Frequently Asked Questions
Carden is called a "non-denominational Christian" school. What does that mean?

Carden Memorial School is a Christian school. We teach the stories of the Bible, we pray and we adhere to the basic Christian principles taught in the Bible. We do not espouse a particular religion; instead we esteem all religions and teach our students to respect the beliefs of others.

What materials do I need to buy before school begins?

Other than purchasing your child’s uniform, you do not need to buy school supplies. Your registration, materials and activities fee not only covers the cost of field trips and luncheons, it also includes textbooks, art, science, drama and all other classroom materials. In the lower grades, students are also provided with a Carden bag.

How much homework can my child expect each day?

We do not want children to be over-burdened with homework. Daily math and spelling assignments are given from 2nd grade on up, and additional science, history and writing homework is assigned as the students progress into the upper grades. Daily reading is a must. Homework should not take more than an hour a day for the elementary grades. In the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, additional time may be required, but should not overwhelm the student's after school routine.

Why does the school require uniforms?

When students are dressed in a school uniform, they come to school ready to learn. They are not distracted by fashion fads and are not overly-concerned with competing with their peers over appearance. Learning is the focus. A uniform reinforces self-discipline, and children who wear a uniform behave better.

How much participation is expected from parents?

We do not require parental involvement in the classroom, but we are glad to have parents participate in field trips, come to weekly devotionals and attend school functions such as our Pancake Breakfast, Fall Carnival, Spring Social, 5K Run, and school plays and programs. Occasionally parents are invited to help with hands-on science experiments or special events. Parents will be given advanced notice for volunteer opportunities.

How does the school handle lunchtime?

Each student is to bring his own lunch from home. We also offer a lunch alternative on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Orders should be done online. Lunches are eaten in the classroom, and typically, as students eat, the teacher will read to the children or play classical music. Students are encouraged not to share or exchange food with each other.

Why does Carden study Latin?

Latin provides an unparalleled approach to studying language. Students not only gain a knowledge of Latin grammar, but they are building a solid educational foundation with an improved understanding of the mechanics of language in general, a mastery of English grammar, and an expanding vocabulary. Most importantly, like math, Latin develops the ability to think analytically. It requires new material to be mastered and appropriately applied in a variety of situations. Latin and mathematics are two sides of the same coin. They train the mind to be able to think and analyze; this will benefit students in all educational endeavors.

When are Parent-Teacher Conferences held?

Scheduled conferences are held twice a year for Junior Kindergarten – 4th grades. In the upper grades conferences are held in the fall. Parents or teachers may request conferences whenever needed.

May I take my child out of school for family vacations, doctor appointments and other activities?

We want your child to be at school as much as possible, but we also recognize special circumstances may arise and students may need to miss school. Please contact your child’s teacher in advance if you plan to have him out of school, so arrangements can be made to make up any essential work. Tuition is not reimbursed if a child misses school.

Does the school have an Extended Care program?

We offer a morning Extended Care which begins at 7:30 a.m. and an afternoon Extended Care which runs until 5:30 p.m. Please contact the office for a form if you want to register your child for extended care.

Where do students go after they graduate from Carden?

The majority of our graduating students attend their local public high school. Some opt to attend another private school. Whatever school parents choose, they typically find that their student is academically well prepared. Many students take advantage of Honors and AP classes in high school.

What kind of education do your teachers have?

Carden teachers are highly-educated, life-long learners. All of our teachers are college educated and hold at least a Bachelor’s Degree. Many teachers in our upper grades hold advanced degrees. In addition to their formal training, they all receive ongoing training in the Carden Method. Each teacher averages an additional 50 hours of continuing teacher training each year.