Welcome to Carden

Carden students are taught to achieve academic success and strong character through the Carden Approach.

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Carden Memorial is a non-denominational Christian school serving students Pre-K through grade 8

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Upcoming Events.


6/25-6/29 New Student Orientation for Grades 1-8, 9:00-noon


New Family BBQ at Carden Memorial School (north lawn) - 6:30 pm

The Carden Mission.

Carden Memorial School’s mission is to help children find joy by improving the mind, developing the heart, and lifting others.

Grounded in gratitude and truth, they become lifelong learners who hold a genuine love and appreciation for beauty in the world.

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Carden Memorial School Foundation is pleased to establish the Evie Brewerton Math Endowed Chair

Proceeds from the math chair will provide teacher training, materials, and support in mathematics for all grades. Donate Today

The Carden Experience

Through a classical education, Carden students experience joy—the joy of childhood, the joy of wonder and beauty, and the joy of individual creativity. The knowledge, skills, and moral habits they learn at Carden enable them to lead productive, happy lives in the service of others.