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  • At Carden, we have been blessed with a great ENVIRONMENT. Whether we loved them or not, our uniforms and ties and patches and blazers lent an air of dignity to every single day we walked down the halls. We sat in beautiful classrooms with moving quotations posted everywhere. We were privileged to see and get acquainted with beautiful works of art, including classics from the most talented painters in history.

    Andrew Bytheway Carden School Through a Graduate's Eyes 2013
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  • Our years at Carden Memorial School have prepared us for success in our future. We have been blessed with an education in mathematics, history, literature, and science. This strong foundation of knowledge gives us confidence as we continue to pursue our education. But, beyond this, we have been taught the importance of good character. We have learned to value Courtesy, Civility, and Dignity.

    Katie Burton A Student's Commencement Remarks 2013
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  • I wished that I had been able to attend a school like that. My years in the public schools I attended were wonderful and usually productive, especially elementary school, but I wonder if I could have learned so much more — not only about the three R’s and history, music, and art, but also about discipline, love, and respect.

    Matthew C. Piccolo A visitor to Carden Memorial School
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  • It is based on tried and true methods of teaching. It includes God, prayer and Bible study as well as a love for our founding fathers and respect for our flag. It demands the use of clean language, showing respect for others and is founded on high moral values. These are but a few highlights of the many worthwhile goals and objectives of the right kind of education.

    Beth B. Burton Commencement Remarks
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A Carden Education

What makes Carden such a popular choice? Perhaps it is because in an ever-changing world, we believe some things should stay the same. At Carden, we want children to enjoy childhood. They should treasure classical literature such as Peter Rabbit, Black Beauty, and Robin Hood. They should prize great poetry from authors such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Rudyard Kipling. They should take pleasure in expressing themselves with art, music, drama, and writing.

Our unique phonetically-based reading program helps students discover the joy of books early on. By reading aloud daily, children gain fluency and rhythm and become confident, capable readers. By learning from the best in classical literature, they learn important values and lifelong lessons.

On a typical day at Carden, you will find a calm, busy atmosphere in the classrooms, often with small group of students and their teacher seated around a teaching table learning a math or language arts lesson. As you walk down the hall, you’ll notice the immense collection of fine art hung on the walls, part of our effort to help students experience the best the world has to offer. On the stage, you’ll discover a grade working on an upcoming play or music concert, and on the playground you’ll see a physical education class playing lacrosse, basketball, or soccer. In the upper grades, you’ll find students studying Latin, perfecting their French, or mastering algebra.

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Some our students’ favorite extra-curricular activities include a skiing and snowboarding program for our 6th through 8th grades. In the summer they can enjoy backpacking through Yellowstone National Park to observe grizzly bears, wolves, and bison or hike throughout Utah’s three major geographical regions, discovering the unique natural history our state boasts.